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I'm 30 years old, married to an Army Sergeant (currently deployed), pregnant with our first child, due in a couple weeks. My career is in Corrections, as I am a Correctional Officer. My husband is in the same career field (we met at the academy in 2007). My family lives about 50 miles away, his family is even further. It will be just me and Khloe, once she arrives. My sister, whom is 21 years old, volunteered to live with me until my husband returns in April of 2013 to help out with the baby. My concern is this: I've been working all my life to support myself even after I got married; he and I continued working 12.5 hours in a correctional facility. I still have a need to work but because I currently work at night (5:45 pm-6:30am), wouldn't it be next to impossible to successfully raise a child and still work those crazy hours? I'm leaning towards giving up my career all together and work a regular day job like normal people. I am currently working and I'm 37 weeks pregnant. How crazy is that, right? My doctor just wrote a note for me to be on light duty so that my supervisors would keep me away from the inmates. Tuesday (March 27, 2012) was my last day in a setting with the inmates. I don't enjoy my career anymore. It has brought mental strain on my life as I am not the same person that I was when I started in 2007. I do believe that my experiences here at the jail will bring positive influences as I teach my daughter about making sure to always do the right thing. I know the horrors that stem from a life of crime. Shouldn't I just let it go and raise my daughter? What is your advice?


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Really only you can answer this... but it does sound like you're leaning toward quitting your current career. There's really no right or wrong answer... something only you can decide based on your family's situation.

I don't personally have any experience w/ night shift, but I don't see how that would be much different than a day job.. there would be pros and cons. Early on, it would be difficult, as prolactin levels are highest at night, so this is ideal time to nurse your baby. Later when your baby is older you'd be able to work as she sleeps.. However, most people I talk to who have worked night shift are generally lacking in sleep overall.. and when you add a newborn into this, it may be extra hard.

Do you have an option to go part time? That is what I'm currently doing, and for me it's the perfect balance. I still feel like I'm working on my career, but I'm also giving my kids the time they need from me.

Good luck.. these decisions are never easy.

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