What should i do if my children very hyper active?


Allyson - posted on 08/30/2009




One of the greatest things for hyperactive boys is a small trampoline for inside the house. They make them with Handles on them so they are completely safe & energetic little ones can bounce to their hearts desires. This expends a lot of energy while they are doing things they love to do...jump. The great thing is they aren't jumping on the furniture or beds where it is unsafe & ruins our nice things! Sometimes it truly is a sign of allergies or a Suger problem. My son is hypoglycemic & has severe allergies. Being on a good allergy medicine & making sure he eats six small meals a day has gone a long way to solving his energy & behavior problems. I do know food is not always the case, but it is just a thought while you are looking at things to try


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Hi, not much we can do ! My boy is also hyper-active, and it is very tiring, as he has got tons of energy and is fine with just couple hours of sleep during the night, which means for me as a single mom hardly any "me time". However, I keep him involved in nearly everything that I do, he helps me cooking, cleaning, etc, that helps a little. I think we have to be patient, the hyper activity will fade away with them getting older. For me it is not a prob of coping with hyper active kid, but to find understanding in the nursery, I am lucky enough to have understanding teachers, but in previous nursery they could not cope, and complained that they need extra one teacher for my boy - that is nonsence, cos every well trained staff knows how to deal with hyper activity. So, stay calm and be patient. And have fun with your kids !!! Look, better to have hyper kiddo, than the quiet one sitting in the corner poking its nose, you get me ? :-) All the best, Lenka

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