When does awful teenage years go away, my son is hurting my heart.


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Melodie - posted on 05/28/2009




My son went through this at the age of 12. We would go out to eat as a family and he would just sit there like he was in hell. I would ask whats wrong? Nothing was all he said but he would look at me like he could see my insides. I would tell he him for now own your staying at home when we go out to eat. But I would always feel sorry for him and take him the next time. (We eat out every Thursday my entire family those who can make it)One day he found a calculator in school and I told him to take it back because it was a expensive calculator and he told me he did. The next day the school called and asked if he had it I asked and he said no. I got off the phone and decided to look in his book bag and found the calculator. I was pissed at this point I rushed up to the school and come to find out the little girl told her father it was in her locker and my son stole it. She lied to her father like my son lied to me. He almost got suspended!When we got home he said nothing..I told him wait to your dad get home. Do you know what he said? I will just leave and go over my friends house to stay! Excuse me! Let me help you pack! I told him as a matter of fact dont take anything you didnt pay for. There he was walking out of the house with the clothes on his back and a doo rag! LOL! 20 min later my 5 year old asks what is andree' doing? He was walking up and down the street in the rain. We were all looking out the window sipping hot chocolate.He would walk, stop, and look. It started to really rain and he knocked on the door and asked if he could come in. I asked him why didnt he go over his friend house? He said that he dikd and his mother said she had to go to work and e had to leave. He was soaked and looking like a little wet puppy and I did feel sorry for him. I let him in told him to change clothes and I even let him use my electric blanket.He told me thank you later on that day and he apologized. He said he knows now that he can reallt depend on me. He just didnt realize that he always could.I think a lot of teens hear about the teenage years and the attitude and they take advantage of the situation. After that I havent had any problems out of him. He has been happy and laughing making jokes. I guess if you show him that you don't have to put up with the attitude they will make themselves change.I am a give me a hugg and a kiss parent. when my children leave they have to give me a hugg and a kiss and I talk and support them through whatever they are going through. Thats why I think this worked for us because he didnt expect for me to do what I did. One comedian said the key to being a good parent is for you to make your kids think your crazy! I did it and it worked.

Janice - posted on 05/28/2009




i know and am still living through it but it does get better they have a hard time dealing with growing up all you can do is love them and be there

Marilyn - posted on 05/27/2009




He will come back to you soon.. he has to go through this stage first before he realizes how crazy he's being. We went through it and survived and so will he.. (smile)

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