when is the best time to try for baby number 2

Kali - posted on 09/03/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




My husband and I want another baby but we are wondering what is the best time, as in age difference. We dont want cannon to get jealouse but as of right now he is an only child and he loves to play with kids! Our first child was born in 2008 is that too close to start trying to have another one? We would love to make our family bigger. but we dont want to rush it or take to long! please help me! Any suggestions would be great! THANKS!!


Traci - posted on 09/09/2009




It's a total personal preference. There are benefits to having them close. There are benefits to having them further apart. My boys are 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days apart (I love saying that - LOL). So far they are really good buds. My sister and I are 4.5 years apart and we are best of friends. Age separation is a small factor in the big picture, IMO.

Just remember, even if you knew what age separation you wanted, it's not completely in your hands. Once you decide to start trying, it can take one month or one year to conceive no matter how long it took the first time. So my advice - just simply ask yourself if you want more children. If the answer is "yes" then just go for it and what happens will happen.


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We have 3 years between ours. We were planning 2.5 but I miscarried in between. I love the gap because it was 1 child in nappies and Joshua could go and get a drink out of the fridge or a snack without relying on me. Ultimately it's when it right for you. Be guided by your thoughts and feeling.

Jessica - posted on 09/08/2009




Kati there is never the right time JUST DO IT the closer in age they are better

Bobbi - posted on 09/08/2009




My boys are almost 7 years apart and everyday I wish they were closer in age. I was getting one off to school and changing the others diaper. Speaking from my experience only, I think sooner is better than later. My oldest is almost 11 and is still jealous of his brother. Your child is barely a year so by the time the new baby comes, it'll be like its always been there. My brother and I are 18 months apart and I can't remember a time in my life when he wasn't around.

Racheal - posted on 09/08/2009




great question Kali, I have been like that for 31/2 years, wondering when is the right time? Now we are trying again and my first is nearly 4. I guess it depends on what is right for you and what ever you decide you will cope either way.

Moya - posted on 09/08/2009




We fell pregnant when our baby was 3 months old so the gap was just under 12 months. Our third was born 20 months after our 2nd. I found it difficult being pregnant with a newborn and it was very tiring looking after a newborn (2nd) when our first still wasn't walking. But we got through it, and now have 3. The 20 month gap is much easier; the first doesn't mind there being another baby in the house (in fact he was really excited when the baby was born) and the second was a bit put out and still wants to be babied. I guess it also depends on the child's personality. Good luck.

Jennifer - posted on 09/07/2009




A personal preferrence.. mine are 21 months apart.. my first had gross motor delays and wasn't walking when the 2nd was born.. so needless to say - the closer in age they are the harder it is in the beginning.. to be honest one child right now seems like a breeze compared to two.. my first was an angel. the second was colicy and didn't sleep through the night until 18 mo. old. so there is no perfect formula.. it depends on you and the new baby's temperment.. it could be a breeze or it could be more difficult. I would have to say at this point - i am so glad i had them closer together - they are into Elmo and all other things together. My girlfriend had their two 4 years apart and when they go to amusement parks - they need to split up because the older one gets bored with the younger ones activities.. however the older one is much more self sufficient.

Heather - posted on 09/06/2009




As a mom of 7, I can tell you that there is never going to be a perfect time. It is really a personal choice. My two oldest are only 10.5 months apart ( sure we waited the six weeks post partum, yeah right!!! LOL) I gave birth to my second when my first wasn't even walking yet. That was fun!! My other children were born anywhere from 1.5- 5 years apart. So needless to say I have a lot of experience in the different age ranges for when the newest came along. All of my children did great with it, no matter what the age different was. I personally think that your son is the perfect age to start trying again. Just keep your little man involved, tell him how excited you are, how excited you are for him and what a great big brother he is going to be and he will do great! Hope this helps, good luck!

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