where does your kids stay after school?


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Karen - posted on 06/06/2009




My daughter is in a program (latchkey) that is through the parks & recreation department. It is at the school she attends. I too do not have to worry about her getting on a bus.

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My son stays in a licensed daycare home. It's an individual lady that has opened up her home for kids. She has a seperate place for them in a rec room complete with toys, tv, video games, cots for naps, safe play area outside, and pool for summer. Since it's such a big daycare she has a helper. Since she is licensed she has to follow certain criteria in safety and food, and may be checked on anytime. We both love her!

Tonya - posted on 06/05/2009




My 2 boys go to an after school program in the gym of their school - the rec center provides the care and they stay at school - so no riding buses to other places. It is much cheaper than sending them to a daycare and they stay in one place.

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