wht do u do when u r kids dont like there teachers!


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Sarah - posted on 08/25/2009




Well my 12yr. old has had more than one teacher she didn't like and I have advised her that not likeing a teacher isn't a deal breaker. She is to go in and do her work and listen to the teacher. She is there to learn not to vote for the best teacher. We did have one instance of the teacher going past boundries, that my daughter set, and we went in and met with him and the principal and we clarified that he was to keep his distance. We also explained that not every student is the same and he needed to know his boundries. My daughter got through the rest of the year and thankfully he did not return. I encourage my kids to respect the teacher as the boss in school and what they say goes, BUT if you feel uncomfortable then that's a problem that we will pursue. Hoep this helps.

Norma - posted on 08/24/2009




If your son is in elementry school you need to get involved. I'm not a teacher hater in anyway. But some times teachers don't realize they haven't called on a child and that can upset a child. Or they might call to much on one child. I my self would go to the school with out telling the teacher and obver from the door, or talk with the principal and teach. Something isn't right,

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ask why some teachers are good and other should not teach at all some do not like kids .............................why they teach is a nother thing............................

Linda - posted on 08/19/2009




Definitely, find out why? I was very involved in my son's elementary, the whole time he was in there, very familiar with all the teachers, most of the times if he didn't like a teacher, it was because she was trying to make him use his full potential. So last year when he kept complaining about her, I just figured it was the same, even met with the teacher. Believed everything she was telling me.... turned out she was a horrible bigot, that hated my son , and the biggest reason, was because they had a mock election, and my son told her he liked Obama, but couldn't vote for him because Obama believed in abortion. She told him flat out he (my son was being raised a bigot)
after that, she terrorized him, and caused him to have asthma attacks, I finally got him out of the class. but it made me rethink supporting every teacher that comes in contact with my child. It made me realize, that not all teacher's are good, and have your child best interest at heart.

Rachel - posted on 08/19/2009




It really depends on the age! As a teacher myself I must say that this is one area that should not be ignored - especially with little kids! Teens are more likely to not like a teacher simply because, well, they cannot even tell you most times! But littler kids usually are more open and honest with the way they see people - and usually have good reason for the way they feel.

My little brother was so afraid of his 3rd grade teacher that he did his homework each night but never turned it in because he "didn't like the teacher" so he avoided her at ALL COSTS!

My suggestions are to meet with the teacher after talking to your child about "why" they do not like the teacher. See for yourself what may be hindering the student teacher connection. Is it a simple misunderstanding or personality change that they are not used to (i.e. too silly, too serious, too whatever) OR is it more of an authoritative/intimidation issue where the child may be justified in the concern. If it is the first one, work with the teacher and your child to encourage a better connection and understanding. If it is the latter of these, you should ask to meet with the teacher and an administrator to CALMLY discuss a plan-of-attack to help bridge the gap between them. Do not go in attacking and defending your child, as the teacher will not likely respond well - as they are already authoritative and may not appreciate being told what to do by some parent. Get a neutral party like admin. or a school counselor involved to get the best results.

Love your kids enough to get involved, even if they don't appear to want the involvement - just be sure to take a non-emotional approach with the school the first round as things go better between people when they do not feel attacked or cornered or disrespected!

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