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I just realised that if i quit working i will be £200 better off, not right thois it?


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Xuan - posted on 07/04/2009




Hi Hillary, our family is moving to the UK in a couple of months for me to take a new job. I thought the British government subsidized childcare and so my husband is going to stay home with our then 8mo old daughter. I guess you're finding that the subsidy is not enough though? I think you could consider staying home to be with your adorable daughter. I would love to stay home with my baby but I also have a demanding career and cannot afford to take the time off. Do you like working at your job? I feel like there is no "right" choice; only the choice that will make you more happy :)

Maureen - posted on 07/04/2009




Not sure where your calculating is coming from. I suspect your factoring in child care and by the notation on the amount you're from England ? Yes, child care is expensive but in Canada at least there are several incentives for parents. This includes a tax credit for child care expenses and there is a national Child Care Benefit and supplement available. Local municipalities have subsidies for child care based on income. Also in consideration for working is the long term benefits of keeping your skills up to date in the workplace. Also, continuity counts when applying for other lateral positions. I know in my case, if I had not continued at he time to slug through full time, I would not be in my current position of working 3 days wkly. I love it and my work gives me a much needed outlet. When I'm home I'm much more engaged here too. I enjoy being a full partner with my husband in providing for our families needs.

I don't know what kind of benefits you have but I contribute to a company pension plan and a long term sickness insurance plan at work. And I also contribute to a mandatory federal pension plan that does include a disability pension before age 65 if needed.

Having a 2nd income ( even at my reduced amount ) has allowed us to put away a bit in an educations savings plan for our son. It will help with his future education costs.

In short, there is no one easy answer and you have to consider the long term and not the short. Good luck !

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