why do kids have to scream to be heard????? do they have hearing problems or just volume control problem. it drives me insane.


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Kids don't have to scream to be heard. First question, do you respond to them the first time they speak to you? Kids get louder as they continue to ask the same question and get frustrated with being ignored. Second question, are they competing with siblings to get your attention? Third question, do you raise your voice to get their attention? Kids mimic what their parents do. Kids are never to young to teach them that yelling and screaming is disrespectul and rude to others around them. When they scream, calmly let them know that you will answer them when they speak to you in a normal voice. Once they start getting a response in for talking to you in a normal voice, it will become a pattern. All it takes for my son now is a look and he knows to lower his voice. Good luck. Teresa@motherhoodredefined.com


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Siobhan - posted on 04/19/2009




It's actually a volume control problem. And infuriating. If an fully grown adult screamed my name right next to my head I would probably punch them. Buy some earplugs, I think mothers of toddlers are single handedly keeping that industry afloat.

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