why does your hair fall out afterwards


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Jackie_dowell - posted on 02/04/2009




My hair has always fallen out, mainly because I have a lot of it. Surprisingly it did not fall out when I was pregnant, now that I've been breastfeeding and my son is 6 months it's starting to fall out again, it seems like a lot but only I can tell because when I do my hair I pull tons out, but no bald spots. I think it is lack of some vitamin. I'm taking a multivitamin but it's still happening. If you are losing that much see if your MD can give you a better vitamin or maybe one of your hormones is out of wack. Pregnancy and afterwards takes a toll on your body.

Stephanie - posted on 02/04/2009




I've heard that it usually stops within 6 months, but I've also heard that you shouldn't get bald spots from it. Maybe you want to mention it to your dr.

Ericka - posted on 02/04/2009




Normally, your hair is in a cycle of growing, resting and shedding. At any given time, you could be losing as many as 200 hairs per day. This is not a problem when you consider that there could be 100,000 or more hairs actively growing.

When you are pregnant, however, estrogen prolongs growth and those 200 hairs you'd be losing are put into the growth phase and very little hair is resting or shedding. This is why so many women who are pregnant have that thick, gorgeous mane.

After giving birth, your estrogen levels start to return to normal and so you start losing hair again. All that "extra" hair that was growing goes into the resting phase for a few months and then suddenly you are shedding all those hairs.

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