why r we as parents lacking our kids attenton


Cindi - posted on 05/20/2009




I don't know your personal situation, but in our house I've found that it is increasingly difficult to have the children pay attention to me when I have failed to pay attention to them. I notice that when I am "too busy" working, talking to their father or getting housework done to take notice of what they want to tell me, they tend to fail to hear me when I am ready to talk with them.

I don't think that the main job as parents is to be our children's friend; however, we are responsible for teaching them how to behave socially and, when we ignore them or push them away, they learn from that. I have found that the kids are pretty good at responding and paying attention to me when I have been treating them with the respect they deserve as human beings. Sometimes, we as parents treat our children as pets rather than the most precious persons in our lives. We can't object, then, if they chose to also ignore us.

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