why wont my 2yr old eat nothn but french fries and hotdogs


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I had this problem with one of my children...as aggervating as it is, the doctor told me that as long as he was still drinking plenty of milk (whole milk) that he would be fine. Try making fun foods, let them help you make it....

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Hold your ground and do not make hot dogs and french fries.....she has to eat what you serve...and if she is really hungry your daughter will eat. Let her know she can have her favorites once a week if she eats all her other meals without a fuss. Good luck to you!!!


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I had that before...till one day i was really busy and i didnt have anything else to offer her except the one food i made. she put up a fuss and didnt want to eat it, altho she was hungry. i just put it down and kept on doing what i had to do. she kept on whining and being fussy and i asked her if she wanted to eat what i had and she nodded her head and i tried again but she refused once again. i did that maybe for 20 min or so until she finally figured she wasnt going to be offered anything else. so dont worry you just need to stand your ground and dont give in! good luck

Frances - posted on 10/03/2009




Hi, i agree with diana. Unfortunately once babies and children get a taste for yummy no-no's they are hooked!! Just remember, your the boss, so take charge!!! There might be tantrums, but you have to be firm. Make sure she's taking in lots of fluids if she refuses to eat.

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