Will my two daughters know who i am if i decide To work out of town?

Olivia - posted on 12/31/2017 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am In this tricky situation where’s husband and I are concidering Me taking a job out of town. This job pays extremely well and right at the moment it is something we need financially. I have a year and 5 month old and my new baby will be born in March. I will Obviously wait until the new baby no longer needs to be nursed. I dont Plan to work long, just enough to pay off what we need and get a great savings going. I for Sure will quit the moment my oldest is ready to go to school. That way i can Be there for her on school activities. Yes i have Looked into jobs in town but this pays about 4x as much as other jobs so it’s extremely great. My shifts are 5 days on 4 off, then 4 days on 5 off. So i will Live with my brother the days i work And come home the days i have Off. I plan To obviously spend every second with my family on off days and Skype every day when I’m gone. Also my mom will be living with us so she’ll be they’re full time nanny so they have family always with them while my husband is at work.
My question is, is my relationship with my daughters going to be different? It means so much to me that they look for me for comfort and they know who i am. I’m scared i won’t be important to them. My mom always says this is the age they need Mom the most, but it’s just difficult because I’m desperate for this job.

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