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Elsa - posted on 11/17/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




Who can tell me how to get it all done? I work anywhere from 45-55 hrs. a week as a retail manager. On my days off I barely have the timeor energy to get up in the a.m. to take my 5-yr.-old to school, do the dishes and some laundry and pick my son up from school. By the time he's home it's time for homework dinner and at least an hour devoted to the bed-time routine. When is there time to do everything else? I constantly feel like my house is falling apart around me. Even if I get to straighted up a room, or two, the floor board to the fan blades are still covered in dust, the toilettes go months without getting scrubbed, and the clean laundry rarely makes it to the closet or dresser before it's time to wear it again! I usually feel like I'm playing catch up. I get paid time off of work for "vacation time", but some vacation! I spend the whole time cleaning and stressing out over what I won't have time to clean in the week that I'm off. Yuck. I can't be alone...right? Any suggestions/ solutions?


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Kerrianne - posted on 11/20/2008




There is no way my house is ever perfect! I don't work the hours that you do but I certainly don't get everything done I plan to but it just never pans out that way! I get my son to pack his toys up each night and that's about all the help I get. I find that as long as it tidyish - I can live with that

Elsa - posted on 11/18/2008




Thanks, you're right. I often times tell myself the same thing, then I feel guilty like I'm just making exuses or being lazy. I tell myself I should be able to do it all and I'm not really good enough if I can't. But you're right. It's good to hear confirmation from someone else who's felt the same way. Thank you.

Stephanie - posted on 11/17/2008




My therapist has told me this "Does it really matter if it doesn't get done".

At the time I said Yes it does but now my opinion is, is someone going to die/be physically harmed/ if the laundry isn't folded? No. Is it really that terrible that there is dust in the corners? not really.

My Mum recently bought herself one of those vacuum robots that moves around the house vacuuming by itself and then docks when the battery is low. She said that has saved her at least 4 hours a week.

My other tip would be (if you can afford it) get a cleaner in for 3 hours once a month. They can handle the big jobs that never get done then all you have to do is maintain it.

Also get the kids to pitch in... there own rooms might not be perfect but at least might be respectable enough so that you don't have to clean them more than once a week...

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