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Hi i have an 18 mnth old daughter and i work 3 setdays aweek n a challenging job i work 8 hr days and 2 nights a week my fiance puts her to bed after seeing the news the other day just wandered what other mums do and if they think it will affect my daughter???? Also hopeing to have another baby soon just trying and thinking of going back to work when the baby is 4 mnths with the same hours is this unfair? My childcare is 1 day with nanny 1 day with granny and 1 day at nursery and hoping to do same for new baby? Advice would be great


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hiya, i think if you have a very supportive partner and family anything is possible. i have a 8 year old and a 10 month old and after having my baby i went back to work 4 days a week when he was 3 & 1/2 months, i found that when you have your time off you make it extra special for the kids, like spending extra time at the park or playing with all the toys and making a big mess. before i had my bubs i worked 5 days a week and my daughter coped really well but having the second one i cut back my hours slightly, i don't think being a workin mum hurts our kids if anything helps them to get to know other people and met other friends outside of your circle of friends. having a supportive family really helps though.

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Hi I am a mother of twins and I had to go back to work but they are in a good daycare . I miss staying home with them but I think it is good for them to be with other kids and not just with them selfs. I know they are learning lots of things that they might not have learned with me . they r 14 months old and they r learning lots also to drive me crazy lol

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Well, each choice is individual. It depends upon your job/career and how much you can afford to cut back if you plan to work less. Obviously, it would be ideal that moms could be with their kids until they are ready for preschool or kindergarten. However, in the real world, for someone who has a career, taking that kind of time off from a career may not be possible. I don't know what field you are in, or how long you have been in that job, or whether you are depending upon it financially...

I work full-time and my kids, who are now 2-years-old, go to daycare Mon-Fri from 7:30am to 6pm. I went back to work when they were 3 months old. We are fortunate in that we found a lovely family daycare in our neighborhood, where the couple who runs the daycare really care for the kids like their own grandkids. The twins also really love them too. When we get home, we have dinner together and play before we do our bedtime; and on the weekend, all my time is for the boys. I joined a mom's group and met some other professional moms who work full-time during the week.

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i say as long as you know your child is happy and healthy and you are spending time with then not to worry. I do think maybe she should have some continuity: instead of 3 people going to one person. But that's just me. I stayed home the first year with my son, then went to work at a daycare where i get to bring him for free. He was getting the interaction he needed, and i was still there to see all of his stages. He is three now so hes goes to another daycare ( i get a discount at because i had her children at mine at one point: 3 days a week while i work, but i only work 830am-1230pm, 3-4 days a week. He will go to school when my next son is born, and i will stay home for a little while with the baby, I am opening my own daycare soon so my newborn will attend my daycare until he is older.


Although your job sounds demanding your hours are not terrible: we have students at my school who are there from 7am-5pm m-f. So we practically raise them. I think you do what you have to do, and as long as you are there as much as possible then you are doing the best you can.

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Hi Claire,

I used to work just like you and was running ragged and really felt depressed and deprived..If you are ever interested in working from home around your family I would love to help you....How long can you keep this up? I ended up very sick and on medication.I waitressed at night and worked as a concierge during the day at PGA national in Florida..I was burnt out and no good to anyone...Setting my own hrs and deciding how I wanted to spend my time really changed my life...You have to decide what is best for you and your family and your health...Check out my wesite it is free to look......A bit of advice someone once told me "For things to change you have to change and for things to get better you have to get better" I took that very seriously and decided to change.

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Hi Claire,
Are you afraird that your going to wear yourself out. Did you ever consider working from home. I am a stay at home mom of a 4 year old, 2 year old and 10 month old! I wasn't happy with the childcare I had tried to find, let alone the expense that comes with it for 3 kids! So, I wanted to find a way to be home with my family all while bringing in the income I needed~ I finally found an amazing company that has blessed my family in so many ways! There are NO PARTIES, NO SALES, NO INVENTORY TO STOCK/SHIP, and NO RISK! I truly LOVE what I do, helping others achieve their goals, and being able to spend all the QUALITY time with my family at the same time!!! And I love helping other moms be successful like I have become! If you are motivated, I would love to talk with you! Request more information

Angela Manzi

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