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I havent had my baby yet (im due in september) but im already worried about what im going to do for a job after the baby comes and im able to work again. I dont want to put the baby in day care, but i know ill have to if i want to find a good paying job (or take my old job back). but then i would feel like im working just to pay for daycare, which makes no sense. and advice? and my boyfriends job is also a 9-5, so him staying home isnt an option.


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Jennifer - posted on 02/11/2009




Hi Kari,

I Was in a similiar situation I was on my second maternity leave and I really wasn't making enough over my daycare expenses.. I started researching work from home opportunities. At the time I had a 2year old and a brand new baby. I was very depressed and didnt know what I was going to do because I hated leaving my first child Connie in daycare.. my husband found a wonderful opportunity for me to work from home. I have never looked back and have been home for 7 years. I now have 3 girls and a thriving business. I love being home with my klids but also having something for me.

Megan - posted on 02/11/2009




It all depends on the type of job you are looking for, the child care you look for and what you need and want. You just have to find a job that pays more then your daycare and decide if it is going to be financially worth it. I had a friend who had a part time job that only paid for groceries but she had her parents watch her daughter. I have know of others who have taken night jobs so that during the day they took care of their child and at night their significant other did. There are options out there. I have found at home daycares to be cheaper the centers by almost half. But you have to REALLY REALLY trust the person. And make sure they are certified.

Susan - posted on 02/11/2009




I know I tried staying at home and found I am not a good stay at home mom. I found part time work to be my best answer, but you have to find daycare that is not too costly If you can afford to stay home full time and have moms or family around so you dont lose your mind with the isolation, it may be best to stay home. It is easier if they are ill, you are already free to care for them. But, daycare also has its perks, you get some free time and they get socialized! Best of luck and remember you will find what works best for you and your baby. I know many women that never thought of themselves as stay at home moms, until they looked at their new baby.....that little face changes everything! Enjoy being a will be your most important job

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