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Juliann - posted on 02/19/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am 26 with three children all 3 and under. I am currently working three 13 hr days a week. Soon i will be enrolling to take college courses to get my pre-reques done so i can go to PA school. It will probally take me about one year or so to do my pres and two years in PA school. Now i dont want to lose that time with my children but i also want them to have a good life. And this will give me the means to give them what ever they need in life. I figure if i go now while there still little, i'll get to go on school field trips and do mom stuff with them while there in school. Am i wrong to be doing it while there little, should i wait till there big or is it good to do it now while there little. Please i need advise on this


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Kim - posted on 02/24/2009




I am 42 with a teenager and toddler... I say do it now when you children are young.  It is much easier to keep them entertained at home while you work on your studies, than trying to supervise them as teens, study, and work all at once.  They will never remember the work you put into schooling.  I am studying online for my MBA and working full time...before my toddler was born my teenager was very resentful of the time I had to put into school...although I know in the long run it's the best t thing for my family, I do feel bad for taking time away from her...and I am very grateful that as a teenage she still wants to spend time with  me!  Work through the stress and time committment now, and you will be very proud of yourself later on and will have more time to devote to them without having to worry about your future as a family.

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My kids are 7 yo and 15 mo old and I am going to school full-time and working full-time, plus pick up some shifts at the nursing home, but my hasband is stay at home dad, so all extracurricular activities are on him. He doesn't mind, neither do kids, so it works out.

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I am a mom of 3 :).  I had my first baby at 17 and had my other 2 by the time I was 24.  I am now 44 years old.  I was fortunate enough to be able to spend all the time I wanted with them :).  I think each stage is important, but if I had to pick one it would be to be home with them from at least 6th grade on.  The teens are so important to them, while they are going through a huge change in life and need to have you there for support and more importantly parental supervision.  I love working from home part time making full time money.  It really is possible, especially if you are going to school and such and are able to be networking socially while doing so.  Good luck to you!  Also, it was great having all my children young, because now me and my husband are basically retired at 44 and loving it!

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Hi congratulations on thinking about you and your children's future so seriously. Juggling study, work and being a Mum is hard but now is a good time. Don't underestimate the study workload though. I work three long days as well but only have one child, and taking one Masters (public health) unit a semester can be heavy. Ask your school how much time they think a unit should take (my univeristy work on a three credit point unit taking 10 -15 hours a week, averaged out over the semester - which means some assignment weeks it is a lot more!). this lets you block out some evenings and plan the study early


good luck



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I am working towards my MBA right now and work fulltime too. I am taking online classes. I am very lucky that my husband is very supportive. I say get school done with now.

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Are you going to school on-line or in a actuall classroom? I have done both while working fulltime. I missed things with my older child as she was already 5 when I started. My son who was 1 he didn't even notice. I personally say get it done now. Then you can enjoy the fun things while they are older.

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