Working from home and telecommuting

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A year ago, I decided to give up going into the office everyday for 18 years to become a consultant and telecommuter. This gave me the opportunity to work from home. I began to use the term telecommuting because my family only heard the word "home." They never heard "working."


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Kim - posted on 07/24/2009




I'm trying to find at home employment. All I keep finding is this start your own business junk that is usually scams. Any advice? I currently work for a bank processing payments, who knows how long that will last.

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I worked from home for a short period of time whilst I waited for a place in childcare for my daughter. My husband didn't really see me as working and I found that frustrating.(He works different shifts). I had to log into out network and I found that also frustrating as it was slow and inhibited my work. However I did find that I could easily put on a load of washing and didn't have to race off to work or back home to drop off and pick up the kids. And now being back at work I really hate the commute. There are pros and cons either way. You probably have to really spell it out to your family and let them know when you are not available. You might have to do this on several occasions :-(

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