Working moms are dynamic multi taskers!

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If you really think about it the moms who work outside the home are incredible. We are full or part time employees, we are the maid, the cook, the laundress, the taxi driver, the social organizer, the nurse, the therapist, the accountant, and on and on and on. Then if you are in my shoes you have a part time business you work from your home to be able to have more time freedom in the future. To all the working mamas out there....I salute you!! You are awesome!

Michelle Fisher


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Larissa - posted on 09/20/2009




I definitely agree with you on this! I was going to school FT, working FT, a wife, mother, and co-worker. I obtained my Associates degree but was going on to get my BA, well with work, both kids in school, my hubby just got a job it was too much for me right now. I decided to put my schooling on hold for 6mos or shorter we'll see. My kids need their mom more to help with their school work. I have a 5th grader and a Kindergartner and it's actually been nice being able to spend that time with them that I usually didn't have. Patients at work are always amazed, because sometimes I'm doing more than one thing while checking them in for their appointment. I give Kudos to all the moms too!

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