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Samantha - posted on 08/22/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I work in a place that of late has been driving me nuts. Certain people i am working with are starting to fall into the psychic leech file and im feeling so drained and am sick of the negative enviroment. ive had a few hard years and im mostly past that but to be in a constant downer at work just seems like madness. I could simply get another job but im only at this one at the moment for pure convenience , its close to my home , its close to school and its flexible for my study and well ... ive had a few hard years that not as much impact me but still do and i have a great management team at work who are really great at understanding what my woes are about even tho sometimes i think i drive them barmy. ... i try not to lol. The negative part about my job isnt the work or management but certain staff members are just draining me. We have had our differences and theyre mostly in my age bracket but i am the only one with a child. Quarrels that happened a month or more ago are still getting dragged into work and i get annoyed bcos mainly im there to work, i only work 6 hours a day and im atleast acting professional to a point where i come in i do my job and i go home. I have been thinking about leaving but ive just started studying and i know if i stick it out i can get my diploma done and my driving lessons done and i can work from home which is what i truly desire so i can be there more for my daughter and not have to worry about nasty co workers. So my question here is has anyone else had this issue and how did they cope with being in a workplace and not really being able to leave out of convenience ie close to home , close to schools and children. ? how did you keep your sanity with nasty co workers enough to keep your cool??


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My suggestion is to look at work this way: you're there to make $$$, not to make friends. Be cordial, but keep your distance and stay away from chit-chat. Good luck!!!

Angel - posted on 08/22/2009




the only advice I have is to remind yourself daily what is important to YOU and YOURS!

go into work do your job and leave the BS at the door when you leave,maybe let mgmt. know of the problem so that if something comes up they are aware. Other than that hang in we have all had things that are life draining but hold on to your child and remember everything is now for them.

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