Young Teen Age Girl - Boy Issues :(

Mel - posted on 11/16/2017 ( no moms have responded yet )




My step-daughter is almost 13 and has been living with us full time for about 18 months now, she is a wonderful child, however, in the past few weeks, we are having boy issue... She wants a boyfriend and she isn't allowed to have one, her father and I have told her she is far too young and doesn't need to be worrying about boys.
So for the past few weeks, she has been moody and lashing out, she has been making comments like "I wouldn't have this issue if I lived with mum", "My friend's parents aren't this mean", and so on.

My fear is that she will want to move back to her mothers just so she can get her own way, there are multiple reasons she no longer lives there and it was her choice to move more than 900km from her mother and live with us.

I am struggling to make her see reason and don't want to push her away. I know this is a normal stage of growing up, but my personal opinion is she is far too young.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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