What workout plans to u have for a busy mom


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Sharjeel - posted on 07/02/2013




Rally your neighbors, companions and even relatives with youngsters to work out with you. If you order a mom and-stroller strolling aggregation or let play dates do twofold job as fitness chances, mean to get in a proficient 20-to 30-moment sweat. Contingent upon the period of your children, you and your mother companions can join in on a session of Frisbee, kickball or tag. The time you use "playing" with others is exactly as useful for your zealous health as it is for your physique.

DJ - posted on 01/17/2013




im trying to find this website but its not workin for some reason lol, either im puttintg it in wrong or my computer hates me. do you think you could send me a link to it?

Nitie - posted on 01/25/2012




Just came across this site www.FriendsBFit.com, you can workout at home but instead of DVD there is a real trainer online guiding you. You get 3 daysfree

Currently they have Yoga, Zumba and Belly Dance

Amylouise 'Lou' - posted on 10/25/2010




I don't know. I have two, and the youngest is 9 mo. Even when it was just myself and my oldest, it was so hard to get anything done outside of keeping up with the washer, another snack, the dishwasher, a snack, vacuuming, then supper... i feel that I am just in an unending circle of stuff that isn't/but is important that keeps me from doing what IS important for our health but somehow not urgent.

Kristin - posted on 03/21/2010




I love doing bollywood and different kinds of yoga, I love Hemalay Behl's dvds try her out she is awesome you can find her stuff on amazon

[deleted account]

Boy is this one hard! I only have one child so I find it is easy to just get her in her stroller and walk for an hour and a half everyday.I also found a gym that has free child care while you work out so I get a half an hour swim twice a week. I found that walking outside is the best, and Izzy loves the sounds and colors of nature too!

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