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K.D. - posted on 06/22/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I was looking for advice, I have a 9yr old step son and my first own son on the way. When I first got together with his father it was a very tricky road. I have been through your not my parents arguments and tantrums that would only happen when my husband was not around. When I mentioned it he thought I should try harder to bond with his son and that I should be able to step in like a mom and discipline him. Which was difficult since he didn't respect me and I grew up with spanking and I couldnt spank someone else's child especially when they don't do spankings. We soon got over that hump when other family members expressed to his father that he would have 6hr long crying tantrums with them aswell when he wasn't around and when I tried to put my foot down and he hit me. Being pregnant at the time that had made me cry for like 6hrs myself it was very fustrating. Now we have a way better relationship I love my stepson and even though he still is a little hard headed and wants me to give him the world without saying no, he doesn't cry anymore and understands no not today and we do things together. Back to subject im now hitting the 7-8months mark of my pregnancy and he follows me everywhere and wants to snuggle its starting to become aggravating. Cause my belly and its not comfortable also I can't get minute rest. I dont want to be watching housewives and be explaining things that they are saying. I want him to go be creative and be a kid. And understand that its his time to be a big boy, but I don't know how to do so and I don't want him to feel unwanted but it makes me cranky how often he follows me and feel strange since he doesnt even hug or follow his dad as much as he follows me. How can I get my space


Mercedes - posted on 07/12/2016




Congratulations on your growing family!!! Is great to read how your relationship with your step son has change over time, he certainly loves you and his soon to arrive little brother, that's precious! Children tend to play with siblings or hang around adults to be entertained. Have you considered inviting his friends over for play dates? His clinging could all be part of anticipating the arrival of his baby brother, asserting his place in the family. Just love on him and make him feel special about the awesomeness of being a big brother. Good luck to all of you!

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