Are you a young parent, either in your teens or early 20's, trying to make it as a newlywed couple or just divorced? If you are either of these, please express you thoughts and opinions in you're situation. Please refrain from negative, rude, and offensive comments. I know how hard it can be to be a parent and a newlywed, its not as easy as some think. Marriage takes alot of hard work and commitment. You will have challenging obstacles that both of you will have to concour together. Marriage may be harder for some than others. Please feel free to give advice and maybe even take some advice. I also know how had it can be as a recently divorced parent. There is so much to divorce with a child. You have child custody issues, visitation issues, parenting issues, etc. But its not all bad. You most likely got divorced because you didnt get along with the other parent, or something more than that. Please tell us why you got divorced. Was it for he child/ren? Was it abusive? Did you just not get along? What advice can you give other parents to help them with the divorce process? Divorce can be just as har as marriage, or for some be extremely easy. Please give you insight on your situation.



Hi my name is Stephanie. I am 26 with 2 little girls. 1 is 5 years old and the other is 5 months old. I was married at 23 and divorced at 24. I got married for all the wrong...


Divorce and Custody

I was recently divorced in January and have full legal custody of our beautiful daughter. Our divorce was a no-fault and in the divorce, I requested full legal custody of our...


Are you divorced?

First, why did you get divorced? How do you feel about divorce & marriage? Was it a long, difficult process, or simple? How do you feel about your situation? I understand how...


Are you a newlywed?

Please share your experiences as a newlywed parent. Why did you decide to take the big leap? How do you feel today about the choice you made? Did you have kids before your...