My labor experience

Amber - posted on 06/22/2010 ( no moms have responded yet )




I was having contractions about every five minutes about 8:00 pm-9:25pm when finally I told my husband to take me to the hospital, this was on june 12th. When we arrived the contractions were about two minutes apart and they hurt so bad. I must have looked like I was dying because when I walked into the doors, with a worried husband trailing by my side, the nurses took one look at me and said, "oh it's time!". I got into my room about 9:45 thinking they were just going to send me home like they did on the 10th and 11th, two days prior, but they checked my dilation, which I was at a four, and then did a test to see if my water had broken, which it had. They started me on an iv so I could get an epidoral, and my husband made me a deal that if I acted like a big girl when they took blood and started the iv I could get a popscicle, so I took deep breaths and managed through the needle and he got me two popscicle and while I took my first lick the epidoral guy came in, took it away from me and threw it in the trash saying, "you don't want this anymore," so I said, "to hell I don't I'm starving." He was really nice and compared to the contractions the epidoral was a breeze, my husband gave me commentary which I think he lied about what was happening because he said stuff like, "oh the needle is so tiny" and on. Well I didn't dilate one centimeter an hour, I dilated half a centimeter every two hours until I was 6 cm, then an hour later I was a nine, then five minutes after that I was a 10. I was told to do a practise push and the head was already there, after 15 minutes of pushing and two episotomys (because her head was so big) a beautiful wide blue eyed baby with blonde, red and brown hair was thrown on my tummy. She was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen and when she cried my husband and I broke down and bawled on eachother about how perfect she was while she was wisked away to be cleaned and weighed. She was born at 5:42 am, about 8 hours after I arrived at the hospital, labor was wonderful and now brooke is nine days old and though there have been a couple times I've cried for her to go to sleep I wouldn't change it for the world. I love being a mother and it really difficult but so rewarding.

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