Young Grandma's & Mom's

This is a place were young grandmothers & moms can talk with each other about daily life but most of all we can exchange stories and questions regarding being a young grandma I hope to be able to share some stories with all of you and at times maybe even help each other out when in need :)


First time Grandma to be

Excited to be a first-time grandma in January- my daughter & her husband are planning to have a small gathering to reveal the gender in a few weeks (to their siblings and...


1st time grandmother to be

i have 18 yrs old daughter expecting and am getting comments that i should make her have an abortion. this realy upset me she is grown and living on her own and will be...


baby being raised by g-grandmother

how to deal and lesson trauma for 11 mo. old beautiful girl who has lived with her mom, then one grandparent, and now she will come to reside with my husband and I. Baby was in...