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Young housewife mummies! (Upto 25)

This community is for young mummies who stay at home and and look after their families, to give and recieve advice, gain encouragement and friendship. You do not need to be in a relationship to join this community just a stay at home mummy!



At the weekend we visited our nearest Primark clothes shop, My 8 month old was in his carseat in the buggy and my 3 year old was in her buggy. Before we entered the store I had...


Big boobs, small waist

Hey there, I am 24, I have a size 10 (British sizes) waist and wear a 30G bra. After 8 years of marriage and two children I have decided it's definitely time to bring sexy back!...


Christmas plans?!?!

Merry christmas everyone! Since my husband and I got together 7 years ago this christmas we have alternated between families at christmas. Before we had our children we would...



Just for fun!! Have your babies hit any milestones recently, if so what were they and tell the story behind it! =)


How many??

How many children do you want? Did you discuss this with your partner before having your first child? And have you and your partner had any "issues" on the amount of children...


Weaning =]

Hello just thought I'd let you all in on the news hehe! Logan's loving his veggies. This is his third week of weaning and his favourites have to be carrot and turnip =] He turns...


Just wanted to share!! :)

My baby girl is starting nursery in September! I am looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time! I know she's going to love it and when we went to the open day last...


Do you ever get asked...

Are you going to get a job? Are you going to go to college? I've had so many people ask me these questions and I'm getting pretty tired to be quite honest. At the end of the day...


Planned or unplanned?

Was/were your baby/babies planned? How long were you trying for your baby? The number of unplanned pregnancys continue to rise in the Western world and whilst some of these are...



I have a 5 month old son named Elliot :) We're already planning the next one and I like Silas for a boy. Just wondering what other people thought of the name. I think it an...


Home schooling?

I was home schooled k through 12th grade and my partner went to public school. We have an 8 year old who is in 2 grade public school and a 3 year old who is at a private...



has any body ever had this i think i do they say after you have a c section you can get it and i have had symptoms of it???


Birth Control

My son was born November 2009 and he's EBF, we're planning to try for another one this August so we're just using condoms for now. I was wondering what other breast feeding moms...