Young Mummy's on the GOLD COAST, Qld, Australia

Just like to create a group for all the Young mums on the Gold Coast out there!! Chat, Share, Embrace.... Get wateva it is you need to get out there.... out there!! lol =) Meet new mums and new friends. Discuss issues, playgroups, schools, clothes, foods.... absolutely anything and everything!! Tell us all a bit about yourself!! ENJOY


meet up dates!

hi everyone just wondering if everyone on here would like to post the days & times a week ther most likely be able to meet as we could organise meeting up at regular places and...


new mum!

hi anyone.. i am new in this site and as well being mum (very soon) would love to have gathering especially on the weekday.. anyone up to it or already organise something.....


Baby pics

Hey girls, Just letting you know, I have started a photography business on the Gold Coast. Would love you all to check out my fan page and group on facebook. Jae Photography....