Im Pregnant and just want to know a whole lot of anything from anyone!!

Kaci - posted on 02/02/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




I am 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow meeting my midwife for first time and just wanting to know about peoples experiences with labour birth and pregnancy. Facts or tips would be handy too lol!.


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Lauren - posted on 03/24/2011




Hey Kaci

Congratulations on your pregnancy, i am due my little boy in just over 2 wks, throughout my pregnancy i have collected mother and baby magazines, they have so much information in and goodies they were really good to have around, they explained quite afew things in them like the stages of pregnancy etc, so that was a good source of info...and your midwife will keep you info on everything aswel.
I started my baby collection practically when i found out just gettin bits and bobs when i saw a good deal and when i couldnt resist haha.. and then i just accumulated so much stuff for him.
My whole experience of pregnancy hasnt been bad, i was lucky enough not to have much morning sickness atall at the start i have had it more to the end of my pregnancy, which i have been reasured plenty by my obsterician is normal lol... thats only been the hard part for me really, i have had slight back pain aswell but nothing a nice soak in the bath doesnt cure :) I havent got to the labour/birth part yet so i am afraid its new to me aswell so we shall see, i just know, my little man has to come out at some point and i am just going to cope with the pain as best i can and just keep an open mind about it all.
When are u due?? if you have any questions ask away :)
Good luck with your pregnancy hope everything goes well for you aswell..

Jenn - posted on 03/24/2011




Hi, congrats on your pregnancy, I just turned 23 a few months ago and I have a four year old son and an 18 month old daughter. Both of my pregnancies were great. I had no morning sickness at all for either, however, I did experience really bad heart burn for both of them in the last three months. I also had to pee every second and I had lower back pain. My first pregnancy I was worried because I didn't even feel my son moving in my stomach until six months. My labor was super fast for both pregnancies and I had no epidural for either.
1st Pregnancy- I went full term. I went to the hospital because I was having contractions on November 11th at 7pm, after supper, I was only three cm dilated at that point. They told me to walk around the lobby and come back up to L&D at 9pm. The contractions got pretty intense, at 9pm I went to go back up to labor and delivery and my water broke on the elevator on my way up! They checked me and I was almost fully dialated so they got me ready for delivery. It took another two hours for me to diaalte the last few cm.I was given two 50 mg shots of Fentanol to help with the pain. I started pushing a little bit after midnight and my son was born at 12:42am on November 12th weighing 7lbs on the dot. I had to have an epesiotomy (when the cut you down there so the baby can come out easier) which they did with no local anathstic. They gave me laughing gas also afterwards while they stitched up my cut, it was almost 30 stitches! So my full labour from not being dialated at all to when my son was born only took a little over 5 hours.

2nd pregnancy- My second pregnancy for my daughter was a bit more complicated but this was because I had been struggling with addiction when I found out I was pregnant so I was put on methadone in my third month. Again I had no morning sickness jus heartburn. I was on 30ml of methadone per day for my entire pregnancy. Because of my drug use befor I kne I was preggers and me gbeing on methadoe my pregnancy was considered a slight risk. I was told my baby would probably be pretty small. I was so scared that my baby would have something wrong or suffer withdrawls at my expense. I carried full term once again. I started hvaing cramps (I wasnt sure if it was labour or not) after supper on Sept 20th/09...I went to bed to try to sleep them off thinking if they still hurt in the morning I would go in to the hospital. Well I woke up at 2am in a lot of pain, I was having bad contractions. I had my fiancee call the ambulance, which I went in alone because he was home with our son, thinking he would have enough tim to driop my son off and come to the hospital. Nope..As soon as they checked me in the ambulance they said I was already fully dialated and I was having the bay right now. I only lived a block from the hospital so luckily we made it before the baby came, but the rushed me in and barely had time to get me in a bed from the strecther before I started pushing. I pushed for only four pushes and then they cut me AGAIN down there on the fifth push and my daughter came out. She weighed just 5lbs 1 oz and was born at 3:22am on September 20th. Because I was on methadone she had to go to the NICU to be monitored in case of withdrawals or other problems. There was a good chance she would have to be weaned off with morphine and stay about 4 weeks. However, she had no withdrawals at all and only had mild tremors where her lip would shake a bit. She got to come home only four days later and now she is a beautiful and healthy 18 month old. I had no pain medication at all for my second pregnancy.

So overall both my pregnancies were done without epidurals, both had no morning sickness and had bad heartburn, both went full term and both I had to be cut (epesiotomy) and both were super fast labors. I gained almost 40 lbs for my first pregnancy and about 35 for my second.

So there is the story of my pregancies..I am sure you will have a great pregnancy..You will probably be very tired in the first few monthes but during your second trimester you will start to feel much better. Try to stay relatively active so that you are healthy when it comes to pushing (which takes a lot out of you) and so that you dont gain to much and you can lose yourbaby weight quicker. I walked about 6 blocks every single day for my second pregnancy to the pharmacy to get my methadone (you have to go get it every day) so I was in pretty good shape. Make sure to take your prenatal vitamins and eat well.
A good idea is to sign up for a weekly pregnancy newsletter, many sites allow you to enter your due date or last period in and it will automatically calculate everything. Then you will receive a newsletter each week based on what week you are in of your pregnancy. It will give you info about what to expect for that week and show you what your baby looks like at that stage. I used to love getting those emails and seeing how mybaby was growing and reading what to expect.
Here are a few sites for you to check out that I think you will like, they are ALL very detailed and include every single aspect of pregnancy so definitely check them all out, they will answer ALL your questions and much more:) (really neat showsd you 3d image of what you baby looks like at each stage, sends you weekly updates)

Megan - posted on 03/08/2011




I had a pretty great pregnancy for the most part. I slept through most of my first trimester, and had some sickness. I stayed active and drank lots of water until my 9th month of being pregnant. I was huge and swollen. My labor was terrible. My water broke, and I was in labor for 12 hours. I wasn't contracting fast, so they gave me pitocin, which jump started the process. I got desperate and wanted an epidural, and for some reason it didn't work for me. I did finally have my healthy 8lb boy, and the pain was well worth it. I would do it all over tomorrow if I had to. Good luck and Congrats!

[deleted account]

Hey Kaci Congrats on the pregnancy

My name is Donna i am 19 years old i got pregnant at the age of 14and had my son at 15 and when i was pregnant with him i was sick everyday with morning sickness but moreless all i did was eat drink get sick sleep and watch t.v. and also put baby stuff away witch that was fun... My labour with him was ok i guess lol i had all the meds i could have i was in labour for 27 hours and 7 mins i didnt even feel him come out.... Then i got pregnant at 16 with my daughter had her at 17 my pregnancy with her was awsome i only got sick once and my labour was really quick 5 hours witch i spent 3 hours at home cause my sister went with my mom to the hospital to have her baby at 6 and then i had my baby at 8 and yes my nephew and daughter are 2 hours apart. But all i had with her was the gas mask witch they took away from me she came out of me before my daughter came in the room... Then i got pregnant with my youngest son at 18 and had him at 18 my pregnancy with him was ok better then my first son but not as good as my daughters... And i went in early labour with him was like that for a few days but then about 4 hours later the one day i was at the hospital in some pain i was ready to deliver.... My son and daughter were 2 weeks early and my yungest son was 3 weeks early.

Sunny - posted on 03/22/2010




big tip: get the book 'up the duff' by caz cook. i was given it by a youth center and it really saved my life, literally! i had a pregnancy disease that i never would have known about unless i had that book! I recommended to all my friends and everyone has thanked me.

Nicollette - posted on 02/19/2010




i had a great pregnancy and delivery i loved it all..i mean right from the day i found out to the time she came pregnancy was easy like i was hot all the time but i no complications but i also took care of myself i always drank non caffine pepsi and non caffine mtn dew and water..i walked alot lke 3 miles every day id take a week off then do it again everyday for a week which made it easier and faster for the baby to come labor was 6 hours long i pushed for 30 it was great..the worst part to me was the stitches.. now that crap husband had to help me with everything..if you get stitches ask them for a "sit bath" feels SOOOO good on you...anyway i hope that helped.. just take care of yourself and walk ALOT..its not gonna make you go into labor faster but itll make the labor go by baby was 4 days late and the had to induce me ill talk about this all day long i loved it soo babys now 7months old...anyway good luck and congrats..when do you find out what youre having???

Nicole - posted on 02/19/2010




hey if you have any questions you can add me on facebook. i had my daughter when i was 17 she was born natual. i kinda luck out with labour and pushing i had her in less than 3 hours. i breast feed her until she was 10month and got teeth. and now she is 15 months and walking and running and getting into trouble lol all the fun things. if you have any questions i would love to talk. plus if your interested in breatfeeding i can answer most questions or support you through your journey. you can add, me congrates and good luck

Kaci - posted on 02/06/2010




Thanks lol i have been reading magazines looking online and stuff and trying to find out as much as i can i think its the most amazing thing in life it is so natural and i have waited for this all my life i was born ton be a mum and think its gonna be the most amazing experience ever. Yes i know it will be hard and tight with money and stuff but i have got so much support so that is wonderful. Congratz on your wee baby Aoife it sounds like you had a all right experience lol. I have got the most sore back ever its unbeleivable and i pee so many times a night it drives me crazy walking in and out of the house as me and my bf have a room in the sleepout its great tho. The morning sickness lasts 24/7 and only feels abit better when i eat but find myself eating so much less but more often. Thanks for your comments :)

Aoife - posted on 02/06/2010




Hi Kaci and congratulations :)

My Name is Aoife Im 17 years old and have a six week old son Alex.

i had a normal pregnancy apart from the usual complaints.

labour for me was the easy part.

i was a week or more in slow labour but didnt realise it as i had no contractions only pressure going down onto my bum i rang the labour ward when i was four days over my due date and the wanted me to call in so they could run a test to make sure all was ok with the babs and the midwife told me i was in labour and was 2 cm dialated and i hadnt a clue.

epidural and pethadine was given found them both very helpful.

was only 20minutes puishing and 9 hours in established labour.

i hope everything goes well for you.

[deleted account]

hi, congrats on ur pregnancy!! my pregnancy was horrible so i wont tell u about it lol.

i was in labour 40hours and ended up wiv a c-section.

my advice while ur pregnant is save save and save lol, also when i was pregnant i stocked up on baby clothes all different sizes, brought nappies different sizes, loads of baby wipes/sacks, little toys, coz i knew money would b tight once the baby came. and sleep while u can lol.

i always liked 2 read magazines and find out wot my baby was doin inside me, reading about labour/birth.

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