How Did They Take It ?

Jacqui - posted on 09/02/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




How Did everyone Find Telling There Friends && Relatives ?
Who Did You Tell First ?
How Did They React ?
How Are They Now ?



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Jasmine - posted on 09/06/2010




It was very nerve wracking. When I found out I was pregnant, I was already 5 months but still weighed 103 lbs and previous tests came out negative.

I first told my bestfriend. I was crying due to shock. She was excited yet worried.Then I told my dad and stepmom...surprisingly they were very supportive and happy for me. When I told my mom, she hung up on me. Lastly I told my boyfriend and he reacted total opposite and supported whatever decision I choose.

Everyone is all supportive and love my son very much. Although sometimes I wish my boyfriend would help a lot more...he's trying and learning and that's what counts the most!

Kelcie - posted on 07/20/2010




well when i first told my husband he was so happy he almost cried because this is what we had both been dreaming of for years and now it had finally come true, i told my mother and she pretty much hated me she said that i had moved to Colorado on purpose just so i could get pregnant like i was some whore or something and one of my aunts was disappointing because i supposedly said that i was going to wait till i graduated high school well i didnt do that either and now that she's born every of them wants to be up my ass and around some thing that my husband and i made ourselves they weren't even happy that i was getting married ether and other one of my aunts were like " you can't get married" at least my husband loved me with all his heart instead of bein like all the dead beat dads out there and leave me hanging right?

Jasmine - posted on 04/18/2010




I told my friend Marlon first cos he was the one who got me the pregnancy tests then I ended up calling my close friend Zoie. was really shocking? And they didn't really know what to say except that things will be alright. My parents were next; my dad was pretty okay with it didn't yell at me or mom hung up on me. Pretty much I told the father last b/c we had talks about it before so I was scared but he ended up being supportive and told me it was my choice. Then he wouldn't tell his mother and the rest of his family for the longest time so when I finally told them, they were pretty much not supportive and still are. Now that he's here, my family has been very supportive and helping me go to college and learning how to support myself because I won't have the father there since he lives back home in hawaii and I moved here to the mainland.

Kymberlee - posted on 01/25/2010




My friends were shocked because I swore up and down that I wasnt having children any time soon but they were very excited.

I told My baby's father first and he cried
then I told all my friends even on facebook before my parents
I told my stepdad first because I can tell him anything and he wont get mad and he almost criend because they have been asking me about babies since i was 17 I told him not to tell my mom so instead he went behind my back and told my 9 yr old sister and then told my mom i won a car
then the next day I told my mom and she cried too
now ive got the family wrapped around my finger lol no they are just really excited to have a baby back in our life its been a while my youngest sister is almost 8

Elisa - posted on 10/15/2009




i told them honestly. well asked my sister how she told my mum.. then she made me tell my mum.. and it seemed to go from there..

i told my partner first.. well more of threw the test at him.. made me giggle. :)

they all took it really well.. all seemed very happy and were very excited.

they are even more excited.. 5 weeks 3 days left.. so each day they get more excited.. its quite cute. x

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