New to all this, not really sure what to do or what to expect.

Tiffany - posted on 06/11/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 18, just graduated high school. It was definately an unplanned pregnancy, but im super excited now. Not sure how i am going to do any of it. In definate need of positive...anything.


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Alisha - posted on 07/08/2010




hey tiff,
First positive words are congrats!
and next advise is babies do not come with a manual so its not always going to be easy but it will be worth every minute.
I was 18 when i had my first and had completed my HSC just 3 weeks befor having my son.
There are so many books out there and so many different "MUST DO THIS" "MUST DO THAT" books so gets very confusing i chose not to read any with my first this way i had no expectations of what is normal and what isn't as these books are usually written by mothers of their own experiences and it makes it hard when so many books contradict one another and every baby is different so you can not count on them point to point.
It does some times get hard as u lack sleep and things always seem so much worse and harder while tired but you just have to remember to keep your kool and that they are worth every tear and sleepless night lol...
it only took my soon a month befor he was sleeping the entire night thro so i was very lucky and his dad was 17months befor he had his first full night sleep so this is what i mean by all babies are different lol...
Also remember that if u start to feel stressed and if maybe the crying is getting to u then its ok to leave baby in the cot and go outside for a few minutes of fresh air and few deep breaths in a cot baby will not harm its self and gives u a chance to go in with a clear mind trust me it helps!
and just dont have to many expectations lol
the reason i say this is so many friends of mine went thro post-natal cause things did not go according to plans but this is what happens babies are not robots they are human so they do their own thing lol!
I probly sound like im saying the same thing over and over but its advise will help lol...
Hope u also find it useful

Sarah - posted on 06/12/2010




If you don't have the What to Expect book, I would get it. Very informative and tells you whats happening each month and what to expect of course lol and eases worries about normal things that don't seem normal lol
So positive things...I was young too when I had my daughter, got pregnant when I was 20, had her when I was 21. I lived with my parents the first year and they helped me out, were very supportive and loved every minute of having a baby around again lol Then got back together with my daughters father and we're still together. He works and takes care of bills and I became lil miss susie homemaker lol I enjoy it most of the time, having children is such a blessing. So exciting seeing them grow and learn! Downside...children are independent and as they grow, become more stubborn and defiant. lol But all the precious moments where you love them so much and they make you laugh actually do make up for all the "unpleasant" parts of parenthood. haha
Babies are wonderful though! Once you get pass the sleep deprivation and trying to figure out what your baby needs, its so nice. I remember being surprised when I had our first...I LOVE to sleep, so I thought that was going to be so difficult having to wake several times in the night to feed baby. It WAS tiring, but different. I didn't completely mind....didn't make me grumpy. I liked being there for her and holding her, liked to be needed, so it made up for everything,
Sometimes I wonder what could have happened if I didn't get pregnant so young. Would I have gone to college? Have a career? Travel? There was a lot I wanted to do now that I was old enough, but it all got put on the back burner for me as being a mother took precedence..feels like I might have missed out on a lot of fun and freedom lol But thats a big IF...most likely would have been completely ordinary, just working and hanging with friends, drinking.Would have been too broke to really do anything fun lol fun *sarcasm* So I think i might have lucked out. Kids keep you out of trouble and constantly busy, never a dull moment! Are a great source of humor, whether they're trying to make you laugh or not, great source of joy with each new milestone, definitely can bring a lot of happiness to your life. Being a mom is a blessing and perk of being a young mom, you'll still be young when they're grown and THEN can enjoy all the things you missed out in your 20s, hopefully with more money now than you would have had then! lol
I hope you have a good pregnancy, when are you due, by the way? lol and if you have any questions just ask! :D

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