Young Mums under 25

For anyone who had a child under 25, no matter what age you are now.


Unsolicited Advice

Does anyone get that unsolicited advice when they are out and about? Just because my boyfriend and I look young doesn't mean we don't know what we are doing! For example: In...


She won't go to the bathroom by herself!

My daughter, who will be 4 in a couple of weeks, will not go to the bathroom by herself! She would rather have a screaming fit and hold it then go by herself.I tell her to go...


Thumb sucking instead of her dummy

My daughter has had a dummy since she was born but has recently started to pull it out to suck on her thumb. Any suggestions as how to stop this?



Ok this is a little rant an i apoligise in advance! Im just so fed up with the looks,the comments and the judgements i receieve for having children. Im a good mother but...

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Who Are You?

My Name is Natasha. I'm almost 19 and had my son when i was 17. I am currently going to uni My son is almost 2 and his name is zachary.

Started by Natasha on 06/29/2009 in Young Mums Under 25

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Introducing me

Hi there im ashleigh jade, im 21 and the proud mother of 3 beautiful kids aged 5,3 and 1.

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watch your language

im a bit of an advocate for breastfeeding and i found this article really interesting. very cool!


Baby Nicknames!

My baby is adorable and he's turned my brain into mush. Everytime we're playing on the sofa I go crazy with the baby talk, he just drives me nuts with his cuteness. I noticed...


Doctors giving needles.. vicious

My son is almost 2, so needless to say he has had his fair share of needles, as have most of your children. If it wasn't bad enough having to be jabbed with one needle at a...


hi all

hi im rhonda im 16 got mi 4 kids. i wus told dis is a good group to join so heer i am


Any Single Mums?

Hi I'm a single mum of a two year old and have been for over a year. I have recently set up a new community called Single Mums In The UK. It's a community aimed...


Parenting books

So, seriously...when you find out you are pregnant, the first thing you want to do is buy pregnancy books and baby name books and see "what to expect when you're expecting" and...


How long...

How long did everyone take for maternity leave? Have you returned to work and how has that influenced your relationship with your child?


Advice please, is this normal?

My fiance keeps freaking out over the fact that our one year old son doesn't yet know how to walk on his own, and knows only five words. He had his first two words down at 7.5...


Help could he be teething?

Ok so here's the story!!! My son's 4months saturday and i have a sneaking suspicion he might be teething. He's normally a really happy camper but in the last 2 weeks he's been...