How is everyone going to finish their schooling?

Janiesha - posted on 08/05/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




me im due a few weeks into school so i opted to take a semester off... Im just wondering how everyone is going to do... are you taking off.. or are you going to stay and do the best you can do?....


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Linsey - posted on 09/06/2010




i had my son last year and was enrolled full time! i was due janurary 28. my semester started the first week in january. the semester before as soon as i knew who my professors were i tracked them down or emailed them to let them know my situation and that i would be missing 2 or 3 weeks of school. every single one of them were SO helpful and understanding! i didn't have the option to take off a semester because i would loose my full ride to school, but i also knew if i took off how hard it would be to start back. i ended up missing exactly two weeks when i had my son. my professors and classmates helped me stay on track while i was out. you could also take online classes. i took two the semester i had my son and worked while he napped. as long as you can find a good daycare or babysitter going to school with a child CAN be done! i truly hope you both go back to school because i know over this summer i was home with my son everyday and starting back to school this fall was a little difficult.

Erin - posted on 08/05/2009




This is a great group Janiesha. We are due at the same time in Sept.

I really wanted to stay in school in GA since I only had 2 more yrs for nursing to get my bachelor's. They pretty much gave me a full scholarship. :( But nursing is so demanding and having a newborn and staying in school would be too stressful. Nursing requires you to be a full-time student and a cpl days out of the week you are in the hospital for 12 hrs. That would wear me out with having to come home and deal with a baby. Also, you can't take maternity leave for 6 weeks. It's hard enough to catch up after missing one week. :( So I am going to take a year off. I moved to VA with the baby's father and I plan to enroll in nursing school next fall. I have given up a lot but it will be worth it and is in the best interest of my baby girl. I would've stayed in school if I had a stronger support system and could rely on people/family to help me out. Because I know some people who got it done. There mothers would watch the baby while they are in class and help out a lot. :sigh:

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