Your Baby Can Read.

Your Baby Can Read. Is a great program that helps your little learn word and too read. I think this is very helpful and so worth it.


Our YBCR story, questions always welcome :)

Hi everyone! I just want to say that I love this program! My daughter is now 19 months old and we are done with these already. She knows all of the videos, books, cards, any...


any updates on your progress?

interested in knowing how things are going now that you've started the program. I'm starting dvd #2 tomorrow- so far she likes the songs and sort of likes the animals. I have to...


hi everyone.

Hi everyone my name is Kayla and i just want to say that i love this program. I started my little on at 2 months and can soooooooo see the change in her. She is 3 months now...


LOVE this program.

Hey guys; I'm Chelsea... My son's name is Rylan... He is 8 months old, as of yesterday. We started the program at about 8 weeks, and have (obviously) already made it through the...