Your Body after giving birth

Give advice, post links, or any help you can give to Mom's who need help with getting back into shape, eating healthier, or need advice on how to get rid of those evil stretch marks.


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Your body right after birth: Body Changes:


Pregnancy #2

I'm 22 weeks along now with my second baby (My son was born 11/14/2009) and I was wondering if other moms had reached the same fitness level they were pre-baby before getting...


Stressed out!!!!!

Feel like this???? Click here:


Breastfeeding and baby weight

Are you breast feeding? Formula feeding? Do you feel either is helping you lose the baby pounds or keep them on? I lost all of my baby weight in the first 2 months and all but...



Anybody who joins this group is free to post up any advice they want about our body after giving birth. Post links, or anything you want about the subject. But first introduce...



Oh wow, I have really had an awesome relationship with stress lately. I get the belly fat. Before kids, NEVER did, now I do. I have read that stress exacerbates it, soooo in...