Youth Readiness Programme

A huge gap has been identified between leaving school and attending university/college, but also in facing the demanding world after school. It is a known fact that Students are either not passing their grades, or are not equipped to enter adulthood or further education after they have finished school. It is a known fact that children have to deal with many changes and stress factors when they enter into high school and also up to the ages of 25, therefore suffering trauma from this ordeal. It is a known fact that many students fall out of university or college within the first year or two because they either reconsidered what they want to study or they did not have the stamina to continue. We are constantly reminded by the news today about violence in schools, about racism in schools, about 200 000 grade 12’s that did not make it in 2008. It has now come to our attention that university students are struggling to pick up the pace and there is a huge gap between leaving school and attending university or having to face the world out there. This is in actual fact a small problem with huge implications if not attended to correctly and could be rectified through a programme called the Youth Readiness Programme. We as parents always say that we would like to give our children what we could never have. What we mean is we would like our children to have the quality of life we never had. What if the answer was as simple as that? And guess what? It actually is as simple as that. You could cut out a lot of tears, heartache, waste of good money and time through enriching your child’s life by equipping them with the skills they need to succeed. If you could equip your child with the skills needed to be successful and independent WOULD YOU? Future Performance Training has developed a programme that will prepare school leavers to face and cope with the demands of adult life. This programme will prepare our youth to be productive and socially responsible young adults. We teach them how to handle Tertiary Studies and the working environment, thus creating their own pathway to success. This programme is developed to empower and develop current students, employed as well as unemployed youth, to make a difference in our country - to understand change, handle conflict, stress and take responsibility for their actions in Life. The programme will further assist these candidates to take that step from a protective school environment to further education. It will also help them to cross the bridge to the working environment and even successful entrepreneurship without effort. We believe this programme is the answer to closing this crucial gap that currently exist world wide. This programme could also become a compulsory programme implementation after disciplinary action - instead of immediate termination or expulsion. A person working through this programme will come to understand their part in building a stronger nation, become emotionally intelligent and thus adding their value to create an optimal functional and healed world. This programme will teach your child to cope with the unexpected realities of life beyond the protected environment they have been used to and equip them with the skills needed to become an effective and self sufficient young adult. We have built the bridge. Now you take the first step. Give your child an advantage to a better future!! and if you can help us to help others as well.